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Computers Should Be Blamed For Bigger Sitting Time In US And Not TV

In the battle of sitting, there is a key culprit. Over the last 15 years, time spent watching videos and TV has remained consistently high in the US, but time spent sitting in front of a computer has risen dramatically, according to a new research. Yin Cao, who is lead author of the research said that, use of computer in leisure time increased among 4.8 percent to 38 percent of people with different age groups from 2001 and 2006.

As per the study, two or more than two hours a day are used by up to 43 percent of population of the United States overall, and computer is used three hours every day by up to 25 percent of people in the year 2016. The results based on these rises: nearly 8.2 hours every day are spent by teens by just sitting and 6.4 hours per day are spent by adults. Cao said that, over the decade, just a one-hour rise was seen by both the groups ending in the year 2016. This research was recently printed in JAMA journal. These findings might help people of America to understand their sitting habits in a better way and change them, Cao believes.

Depending on the association between sedentary behavior, research evidence has been increasing, initially watching TV, and a variety of diseases, counting cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer, Type 2 diabetes and in general mortality, said Cao. For the very first time, it was mentioned last year by the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States on their edition of physical activity guidelines that, growing moderate to energetic activity and dropping time spent in sedentary, both will benefit people, she added. Nearly 65 percent of population was reported watching TV for minimum 2 hours every day, found by the study.