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Vaping-Related Illness Takes The Lives Of More 42 People

The vaping-related illness has been found to kill around 42 people, especially teenagers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the health officials have confirmed that the number seems to be increasing and the lung injury cases have reached 2,172 until now. The researchers have found the vitamin E acetate to be the sole reason triggering the illnesses. Thus, vitamin E has turned out to be a concern for health officials. There are many young kids and teenagers who are entering the emergency rooms owing to lung disease. The researchers and doctors are trying their best to find a cure for lung injury.

The new studies have shown the marijuana cartridges to be the main source of vitamin E and the vaping products need to be immediately taken off the shelves as soon as possible to save lives. The combination of ingredients in artificial flavors like propylene glycol, glycerine, and nicotine could also be affecting the lung. The ingredients along with vitamin E and any type of oils could be forming a layer on the lung such that the airflow is disturbed and leads to respiratory distress. Apple had announced it is planning on removing all the vaping and e-cigarette-related apps from its store as the risks associated with these products were found to be unimaginable. The people do not realize that there is a presence of highly addictive nicotine in it and that it can potentially affect the lungs. Smoking is found to cause 500,000 deaths every year or even cause heart attacks and stroke.

In a similar note, President Donald Trump had stated in a conference conducted at the White House in September that flavored e-cigarettes and the sales of their product will be banned from the market as a reaction to both the youth vaping epidemic and vaping-related lung disease. However, it has been found that the sales of flavored e-cigarettes, including products featuring creme brûlée, bubble gum, fruit, mint, and menthol will not be banned. The ban was called off as the protests against the ban showed that it would only boost smoking rates and harm businesses.

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