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EchoStar Announces Acquisition Of Helios Wire, An IoT Startup

Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems received orders from EchoStar for about 2 small S-band satellites. With EchoStar’s this move, it aims to kick-start a low-Earth-orbit constellation and employ spectrum obtained via its October purchase of Helios Wire, an IoT startup. During the November 7, 2019’s earnings call, Echostar’s President Anders Johnson proclaimed that the firm has entered into agreements to construct and liftoff a foremost batch of satellites “at a price of less than $10 Million.” He stated, “We will build a network and carry out tests across the network possibly by late 2020, and definitely by the 1st quarter [of] 2021.”

Johnson stated that EchoStar acquired the Canadian startup Helios Wire for approximately $26 Million. Reportedly, Helios Wire was engaged in lifting off the foremost 28 planned SmallSats to offer data connectivity for IoT applications from low Earth orbit. With the recent Helios Wire acquisition, Johnson stated that EchoStar has not decided on a constellation size and securing an S-band spectrum is its foremost priority. Reportedly, the S-band spectrum could be accessible by Helios Wire via a spectrum filing with the International Telecommunication Union.

On a similar note, OHB SE, a small Germany-based firm active since the 1980s, is planning to compete with big companies including Boeing, NASA, Martin, Lockheed, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, and Airbus. The firm is engaged in building satellites and has provided satellites to diverse customers including scientific researchers and the German Army. OHB’s Chief Executive Officer Marco Fuchs stated, “Satellites are useless without rockets.” As the size of satellites is shrinking, Fuchs trusts that this is the right time for OHB to present itself as a one-stop-shop that produces rockets for clients and then takes them into the sky. Moreover, the firm’s earlier experience in crafting rocket parts as a subcontractor for the European Ariane carrier rocket is also supposed to assist it in this aim.

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