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Apple’s CEO About To Claim Victory After Charming Trump On Tariffs

Reportedly, Tim Cook—Apple’s CEO—is about to claim victory and US President Donald Trump will be going along. Cook and Trump are anticipated to soon visit a factory in Texas where Apple will be manufacturing the new Mac Pro, Reuters stated. This tour will cap an incredible few years where Cook has demonstrated he is the only leading tech executive who can take what he wants from Trump without yielding too much. In September, Apple moved its Mac Pro assembly to a unit in Austin, Texas following a round of levy exceptions for computer parts the firm bagged from trade controllers.

The verdict came following Cook went on a campaign of flattery against Trump in meetings and private dinners as Apple encountered the reality that its products can be subjected to levies this year. That would mean the firm will either have to charge consumers more for its products or bare the extra costs on its side. So Cook attempted the plan as Trump took office during 2017, Apple boasted about a proposed $350 Billion “contribution” to the U.S. financial system. It alleged its “job footstep” surged to 2.4 Million across the U.S. (the company in fact only has around 130,000 employees.) It has promised to unveil new offices in San Diego and spend a whopping $1 Billion in its Austin office.

On a related note, Apple recruited pro-Trump activists since it tried to shun levies on iPhone parts and other products. Reportedly, Apple has hired one of President Trump’s closest associates in Washington, D.C., on its behalf as the company aims to avoid getting impacted with another round of taxes. A lobbying registration form showed that Apple has tapped longtime Trump supporter Jeffrey Miller to lobby on its behalf. The document stated Apple is recruiting him and his team—which includes others with links to the Trump government—for what is portrayed as “trade problems as they relate to industrial goods and services.”

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