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Amazon Oppose To Pentagon’s $10 Billion JEDI Cloud Contract With Microsoft

Amazon is fumed over Pentagon’s decision to award Microsoft the $10-billion JEDI cloud contract and it has decided to challenge the decision. The project is believed to help modify the agency’s cloud infrastructure and also help bond the various divisions in the agency, which is currently found to show 500 different clouds. The online retail giant was the primary choice until the Pentagon decided on preferring its rival. Amazon is filing its objection with the US Court of Federal Claims. The company’s cloud business, AWS, has found the details of the JEDI evaluation process to have errors, deficiencies, and clearly identifiable bias, which makes it necessary to have these matters investigated and rectified as soon as possible.

It is critical for our country as the government needs to make decisions without any political influence. The $10-billion cloud-computing competition was kept on standby by Pentagon after the president assumed it to be more favorable for Amazon. The retail giant has not commented anything but they have completely denied the allegations. The Department of Defense also investigated the employees who shifted from JEDI to AWS or vice versa and found everything to be clear. If the rumors are to be believed, the president does not find Amazon to be pleasing even though he signed up for Twitch. Jeff Bezos has also been one of the targets of the president during his entire presidency.

Parallelly, Nike had earlier in 2017 agreed to sell a few of its footwear to Amazon. The e-commerce giant, Amazon, had become a major player in the sales of sneakers and sports apparel, which is why Nike could not ignore it. But, just 2 Years later the deal is dead and Nike has stated that it would not be selling its goods wholesale to Amazon. The online retailer will have to try filling in the gap left behind by Nike in the apparel section by convincing other brands to jump to their rescue.

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