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Intel Fixes CPU Security Error It Claimed Was Solved In May

It seems that CPU security fixes by Intel from May did not deal with everything the firm claimed. Intel is launching out one more fix that does more to solve the speculative execution errors that can allow hackers to swipe sensitive info and passwords. The alleviations in the patch might “substantively lower” the chance of an attack, Intel claimed. This still does not completely solve the issue, but Intel is committing future CPU-based microcode solutions. There is a huge concern over how Intel has managed these issues in the first place, though.

The researchers at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam who warned Intel to the issues have claimed the media Intel actually overlooked main proof-of-concept exploits when designing the update for May, and must have discovered the relevant errors even without those expedient examples. The team declined to remain silent with the patch from November knowing that there were still problems. There are also disapprovals of Intel’s general approach—rather than dealing with the underlying issue, it is supposedly aimed more at patching versions of that issue as they emerge.

The initial issue impacted many processors launched since 2011 and applied irrespective of your operating system. Software-based patches have alleviated some of the security issues on top of microcode solutions by Intel.

The media asked the firm for comment. This is not a great look for the processor behemoth, whatever its response. As the scientists alerted, the normal secrecy that rules disclosures of vulnerability can hurt consumers here. Attackers can take benefit of security holes that users do not realize are still present, and the error itself was not all that secret—it leaked to the point where the scientists were informed about their own finding. There might be considerable work ahead (comprising possible chip design alterations) before the CPUs by Intel are more trustworthy.

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