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The Latest Portal Lens On Snapchat Takes You To A Gucci-Filled Beach

The partnerships of Snapchat with all types of brands and companies offer you with a series of Lenses to select from, such as AR objects for featuring event tie-ins and artsy-filmlike filters. Now, its newest association with Gucci will offer you access to a Portal Lens. These are lenses that take you to a 3D realm, where you can communicate with the objects. The lens takes you to a beach complete of signature accessories and handbags of the luxury brand.

The AR Portal Lens unlocks a psychedelic door to the virtual location. A Gucci spokesperson claims that the Lens goes with the Gift Giving campaign of the brand that was directed and photographed by Harmony Korine. The campaign was rolled out a few days back. As the name of the campaign implies, the Lens sports a series of holiday-based AR components, comprising a big Christmas tree with gifts on the beach, a snowman made of sand, and palm trees showering candy canes.

You can use the Gucci lens wherever you are through its Snapcode or by searching for it in the Lens Carousel.

On a related note, earlier Adidas claimed that is joining hands with Snapchat on an exclusive method to roll out a product. The firm has made an 8-bit title in Snapchat dubbed as Baseball’s Next Level, which you can play and where you will have the opportunity to purchase its latest baseball game. Created in association with AvatarLabs, the game is an old-school style, home run derby title that will allow you play as some of Major League Baseball athletes of Adidas. That comprises Aaron Judge (Yankees), Alex Bregman (Astros), Carlos Correa (Astros), Kiké Hernandez (Dodgers), and Justin Turner (Dodgers), all of whom have their own Icon V or Adizero cleats in the collection of Adidas 8-bit.

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